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Plenty more fish in the sea, non organic milk and a meme

Gang, I am back for my third submission; the third date rule withstanding, we're going to uncover a little more.

Ok hear me out, hinge but for coffee shops. Finding a partner is easy, just like finding coffee is easy, however finding a good partner is actually really f*cking hard, and finding good coffee is also really (I won't swear again, sorry mum) hard. Putting it like this makes is a lot easier to understand why we go back to our ex's its EASY, familiar, has marginal security, maybe in the best case its also comforting, and just like that we have the reason why we go to chain coffee shops - we know what we're getting, we can't get caught off guard, we're not vulnerable (see last weeks topic of being anti comfort zone for more on this btw) and we're not going to waste time/money. So we continue to drink the same branded non specialty coffee and non organic milk drinks, because this takes no risk. But again hear me out, what if there was something better out there? All we need is a little reality check and to throw the security blanket away, to which (speaking from more experience than I care to admit) you realise its actually a 30 degree hot girl (or guy) summer, you don’t need a blanket, and now you're free to find something better. So in 2023 I'm promoting we stop settling for average and go find the specialty, I am talking coffee but if any of the above hits closer home, thats just food for thought.

Back to hinge for coffee shops; for businesses Instagram is our dating profile, and what makes a good profile? I think if I was to sum it up in one word, I'd choose authenticity. In todays image driven world I think being genuine is the greatest thing anyone can be. However we'll dive deeper into the agg of algorithms, creating dating profiles and such like another time, its baby steps after all and theres still that ex we need to break up with first.

Until next week, stay healthy x

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