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Keeping Promises, A Short Story & Positive Influencing

As promised in my last admission we're going in a slightly different direction with this one, coffee lovers we're taking a week out but stay tuned for more learning to come, but for a more personal approach I'm going to tell you a few things I was unintentionally enlightened with this week. So date 6, lets go.

I'd like to kick off with a short and probably (definitely) uninteresting story, HOWever this story started as a negative that turned into a semi positive with a fairly nice and widely applicable moral...

Soooo I present:

The negative: My extremely old MacBook Pro (acquired 2011 and loved dearly ever since) stopped working, we'd had a scare the week prior where it would only turn on while plugged in, but it was on, so I'd I thought meh, I can cope with a landline laptop, we move.

Plot twist: However 6 days later and Hugo (yes at age 14, I named my laptop, lets not judge, BC best believe I'll bring up your phones bluetooth name from back in the days of T2 heartbroken ok) so yes Hugo sadly died, wouldn't turn on at all, fully RIP. Until 4 days later, I had the urge to try it once more, and rising from the ashes Hugo was back, but deathly slow, I'm talking lagging in the extreme. So I thought best way forward would be to unload any excess weight on the hard-drive, I deleted everything I didn't need and I mean EVERYTHING, including my youtube2mp3 downloaded music, thats how far back I went. And now Hugo is working better than ever, the battery is charging once more so I no more landline.

The moral: No one, Hugo included, can continue to fully function with 12 years of baggage, you need to face the 67000 emails staring at you, some are easy to delete and some require time effort reading and understanding as to why you're getting rid of it. So to clear your mind, you need to view those past situations mentally press more to trash and move on. So me and Hugo both have cleared our notifications and are now happily functioning in a state of balance with 100% battery.

The second and final note of this week is the mention of a story by a fitness influencer I follow, the subject was a talk on motivation and how normal it is to have a lack of, not specifically for going to the gym but for general life, he's since made it into a reel so I'm going to link it here for you have a look, which I really recommend you do. Even if you think "I don’t lack motivation" because rest assured I never lack motivation, and I still found it extremely touching.

Sending nothing but gratitude and love. Stay healthy x

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