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Inspirations, aspirations and why size matters

Logging in to write my first topic blog and we're going to dive straight in because we only have 2 minutes reading time here and theres a lot of ground to cover to be quite frank, I did wonder if I'd be able to think of enough to say, but why I doubted my primarily extroverted self I have no idea (deffo leaning towards 70/30).

So to my main point this week - why size matters (controversial as ever) but I am in fact talking about coffee cup size. On the hight street and general chain shops (NoT nAmInG NaMeS) you'll generally find an average size of 12oz and up, at Press the largest size we actually serve is 8oz and heres why, you may think cost effectiveness, but no, the reason is: we serve specialty grade coffee (beans graded 80-100 by the SCAA - more on this another time) so this in short as the name suggests, is special, and to drown said fine AF beans in milk would be an absolute injustice. The last thing we want is to serve a weak sub par tasting coffee just to feel we are fitting in with the norm - setting yourself apart is hard but we wouldn't be any other way (so philosophical, *flicks hair*). We will talk more into this on another edition, we still have milk quality and coffee dosage to continue the size matters topic, so stay tuned.

Inspirations, I genuinely find these everyday, from Instagram reels to talking to people (our customers are always great and definitely a driving force for positivity) but one very consistent I can always count on, is Steven Bartlett - a young entrepreneur, CEO and downright good human being - if the only thing you ever take from any of my blogs is being a new listener to his podcast, then I have achieved something.

Aspirations, these change, manifest, and grow continually, but my main one at the very core of my being is fear of my comfort zone. Nothing great is ever achieved there, it's no foundation for learning or adapting and it only manifests the same thing it did the day before. I may eagerly overfill my schedule, I may not take enough time out, but there really is so much to see, read, hear, and learn in this world and I genuinely want to take something out of everyday.

I feel this is the higher end of 2 minutes, but hopefully worth the read. Until next week gang - stay healthy x

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